Sweden Travel

Sweden is a country with good transport networks which are well laid out and organised. It is easy to get there and easy to get around once you are there.

Airports in Sweden

There are three main airports in the country:

Train travel in Sweden

Train travel within Sweden is popular with many visitors because the rail network in the country is extensive, well run and well maintained. The country operates a high speed train service on many major routes (the X2000) as well as a range of other national and regional trains on minor and local routes.

Driving in Sweden

Drivers drive on the right in Sweden and drivers must be 18 or over. Roads in general are not as congested as they are in the UK however you can expect more traffic in and around cities than on more rural roads. Seatbelts are compulsory in the country as are the use of headlights. There are plenty of car hire options around the country.

Taking the bus in Sweden

The bus network in Sweden is also extensive. You can travel on express buses here which operate across the country or one of the many regional bus networks.