Places to Visit in Sweden

Sweden offers a range of options for tourists from city based attractions through to areas of outstanding natural beauty. Let’s take a look at some popular options.

Swedish cities

Swedish cities are relatively small but offer all kinds of options for any visitor. The capital, Stockholm, has a variety of museums and cultural attractions. Visitors often enjoy visiting the waterfront and the Stockholm Archipelago.

Gothenburg is a more modern city than Stockholm and is considered to be a friendly city with a host of attractions for all kinds of visitors. Malmo is also a popular destination nowadays which can also be reached via Denmark over the Oresund Bridge. The Turning Torso skyscraper is one of the best known attractions here.

Uppsala is also worth a visit as it is home to Sweden’s largest church - Uppsala Cathedral. This town, together with Lund, are the primary university cities of the country.

Natural attractions in Sweden

Nature lovers will be spoilt for choice in Sweden. Many people come here for the winter sports in the centre and north of the country whilst others come to visit the Sarek National Park where you can experience the Swedish end of the Arctic Circle. A visit to the winter park in Ostersund is a great way to view ice art and Kiruna also holds a snow festival.

The Gulf of Bothnia is an UNESCO World Heritage Site and, as such, is well worth a visit. Sweden’s coastline in general is dramatic and also offers plenty of beach options and plenty of flora, fauna and wildlife for nature lovers. Water sports are also available in abundance here.

Finally, if you are travelling to Sweden with kids then try and get to Astrid Lindgren’s World in Smaland. This theme park is dedicated to Lindgren’s most famous creation, Pippi Longstocking.